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Order Your Legacy Retractable Screen NOW!

Midwest Screens has made it easy and simple to order your Phantom Retractable Screen Door any time of the day or night. Simply follow the steps below to purchase your Phantom Screen and we will be in touch the same business day to schedule your installation. Online ordering is available for customers in our service area only. The only products available to order online at this time are standard color Legacy Retractable Door Screens and are sold INSTALLED ONLY. If you live outside the Chicagoland area you cannot order a Phantom Screen online. If there are any questions or if you think you may not be in our service area please call our office at 847-557-5015.

“Map of our Service Area”

Screens up to 84″ tall and 42″ wide are considered “Standard”

Screens from 84 1/8″-120″ tall or wider than 42″ are considered “Custom”

Openings more than 48″ wide require a “Double”

A. Standard Single

starting at $479
Up to 84” Height and 42” Width
Juliette Balconies – SEE: OPTION D

B. Standard Double

starting at $948
Up to 84” Height and 80” Width
EXCLUDES: Double Slider/Juliette Balconies-SEE: OPTION E

C. Standard Patio Slider

starting at $519
Up to 84” Height and 48” Width


D. Custom Single (Oversized)

starting at $519
Up to 96″ Height and 48” Width
Up to 120″ Height and 42″ Width
(INCLUDES: Juliette Balconies)  

E. Custom Double (Oversized)

starting at $1028
Up to 96″ Height and 96” Width
Up to120″ Height and 80″ Width
(INCLUDES: Double Slider and Juliette Balconies)